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ISPs monitoring

Anyone actually having issues with this?

I heard this was going to be the biggest deal against people already receiving notices but like is anyone getting warnings and stuff or what?

I torrent anime so I don’t know if I’m gonna get a warning or what. OTL

Srsly it feels like invasion of privacy in the end.

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  1. teamheichou reblogged this from the-ryuchan and added:
    noooo…I need my Borgias!! *closes laptop and sobs* Torrent is the only download I have for it…
  2. voidprincess reblogged this from mass-destruction and added:
    Actually you’re still counted as a peer while you download even if you don’t seed. OTL But yeah, I read they don’t have...
  3. fumblingfirebird reblogged this from mass-destruction and added:
    for the first time i am actually HAPPY that my stupid router doesn’t tolerate torrents so i’m always forced to use DDL—...
  4. shadowblinder said: the thing that comcast has done in the past when the find out that you’re torrenting is send you a warning via snail-mail, so you actually get a physical letter. they don’t do digital warnings so if they know you torrent you’d know that they know
  5. mass-destruction reblogged this from voidprincess and added:
    I guess me being a total asshole and never seeding anything is going to pay off a bit LOL So.. are they not going after...
  6. the-ryuchan reblogged this from voidprincess and added:
    SRSLY? Just torrents then? Great. GEH! This is so stupid. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I wanna go live in a...
  7. princehotsuin said: my net has slowed a bit when i download anime recently, but i download mp4s…
  8. fumblingfirebird said: every time i use torrents my net stops (it’s been like this for agessss) so i don’t anymore. SO i can’t tell you from my side!!
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